Import payment

Service Summary

雪缘园足彩比分直播指数 Import payment is a short-term trade financing, which refers to the customer (importers) application, the bank let payment banks pay the payment, in the financing maturity, importers return the principal and interest to us, the bank return the short-term trade financing to the payment bank.

Service Advantage

We can provide all kinds of import payment to the customer, including importation letters of credit, import collection, outward remittance, .

Based on short-term foreign index, we can conduct the ‘l/c terms added overseas payment period more than 90 days’ overseas payment business for the customers.

Service Function

Relieve the temporary strain on capital - clients could obtain import documents without have to pay full payment for goods. Customers can timely obtain import documents, pick up the materials, initiate production, processing and sales as soon as possible, to speed up the turnover of funds.

Deferring payment deadline and reducing capital employed cost,- Prolong the cycle of production, the sale , customers can repay the loan after selling goods, reduce its own capital employed cost. 

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