Packaged loans

Service Profile

雪缘园足彩比分直播指数 Packaged loans refers to according to the customer''''''''s requirements, we keep their letter of credit, and we issue the special loan related to the goods stocking, before submitting the documents.

Our advantage

General financing amount account for 80% of total amount of the l/c, up to 100% of total amount of the l/c;

Financing period is usually one month after the credit period, up to six months;

Financing currencies can be either in RMB or foreign currency.

Service Function

Increase trade opportunities - if the customers have insufficient funds or are unwilling to take up too much of its own funds, and the foreign importers are unwilling to pay payment to the customers in advance, the customer can take the method of letters of credit settlement, thereby increasing trading opportunities.

Ease the financial pressure - the customers only need a small amount of its own funds plus the loan package for the payment of the purchases before export, processing, transportation and other aspects of cost, and the loan could be repaid after exporting.

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