Exort collective trade financing

Service Summary

雪缘园足彩比分直播指数 www.fwigu.com.cn Export collective trade financing refers to the customers who utilize the method of collective trade financing settlement, submit the document and entrust the bank to get the fund back from the importers, and demand the bank to pay a portion of or all of the fund in advance. After the customers get all the fund back to return it to the bank’s financing.

Our Advantage

General financing amount account for up to 80% of total amount of the account of receivable; Financing period is up to 90 days;

Financing currencies can be either in RMB or foreign currency.

Service Function

Procedure is simple compares to working capital loan, export collective trade financing’s procedure is convenient.

Timely payment delivery – customers can get the money from the bank before importer send payment for goods, speeding up the turnover of funds.

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